Brugarol comprises the Finca Bell-Lloc, Celler Brugarol, Mas del Vent, Mas Salvà, Las Heras, Hostal La Fosca & Sansi Bar, Fàbrica Tauler, Sitges Apartament… A complex of farms and spaces situated in Palamós and Canet d’Adri which offer experiences, accommodation, gastronomy, exhibitions, plays, festivals, etc.



Finca Bell Lloc

This Empordà farmstead is imbued with a philosophy rooted in the land, which takes advantage of recent advances to provide quality, without losing spirit and authenticity. Within the estate are the Bell-Lloc Hermitage and the Brugarol Winery and next to them, at the top of a hill, is the Vila-Romà castle.

Hostal La Fosca

La Fosca is one of the great beaches of the Costa Brava. Located to the north of the town of Palamós, it is one of the most renowned, cleanest and quietest. In this magnificent spot, we have a 24-room guesthouse and a bar on the beach. We have opted for a Mediterranean and seasonal cuisine based on the products we produce ourselves such as wine, oil, cheese etc., and local products such as fish from the port of Palamós.

Mas del Vent

The Mas del Vent, originally known as the Mas Brugarol, lies at the core of the La Fosca in Palamós on the Costa Brava. The farmhouse and the tower date from the 16th century and within the estate is the Romanesque style cloister. In this unique place we hold events such as business meetings, weddings, dinners and you can even spend a night or two here… From 2016 we have opened our doors for guided tours in collaboration with Palamós Council. During the summer we hold dramatised tours, a unique experience which combines theatre and gastronomy.


Celler Brugarol

The magnificent winery of Celler Brugarol, situated in a region of wine-cultivation where the native and much appreciated vines are grown, has been built, hidden underground, below the vineyard. These underground chambers take us into the mysteries of the winery, discovering ageing of wine, and, at the same time, the play of light and shadow created by the architecture of RCR.

Celler Brugarol

Focus Engelhorn

Focus Engelhorn is a new platform for the promotion of the arts and the cultural heritage, for the protection of the Costa Brava and the encouragement of social integration.


B foods are produced under organic farming criteria, respecting the environment.

Mas Las Heras

There is a place near Girona that is beautiful. A place apart, full of terrain, woods, views and opportunity. It is emerging as a place of invention, learning and imagination. High on a hill there is activity, a hum of a new breed of rough luxury..

Fàbrica Tauler

The modernista factory R. Tauler, situated in the centre of Palamós, just a few metres from the port and the beach.

Sitges Apartament

This cozy and modern apartment for four people is the perfect spot to enjoy your vacation.

Mas Salvà

The Mas Salvá is situated in the centre of Las Gavarras, and has a wide expanse of livestock and agricultural land.