The magnificent winery of Celler Brugarol, situated in a region of wine-cultivation where the native and much appreciated vines are grown, has been built, hidden underground, below the vineyard. These underground chambers take us into the mysteries of the winery, discovering ageing of wine, and, at the same time, the play of light and shadow created by the architecture of RCR. The wines and sparkling wines of Brugarol, under the direction of winemaker Josep Trallero, have been awarded various prizes and awards for quality, craftsmanship and the lack of additives. Wine tastings, corporate meetings, as well as activities related to art, the landscape and social integration are all held in the cellar

Celler Brugarol

Celler Brugarol

Brugarol White 2015

100% Malvasía from ‘Mas Salvà’ vineyards 13,5º

Brugarol Sparkling 2013

100% Monastrell 12,5º

Brugarol young red wine 2015

50% Cabernet Franc, 25% Garnacha and 25% Monastrell 14,5º

Brugarol ‘The bastard’ white wine 2015

50% Macabeo, 40% Parellada y 10% Xarel·lo 12,5º

Bell-Lloc Aged Red 2010

Production in 2010 was characterised by very healthy grapes with a good qualitative balance and average production. The Más Salvá plots have been thinned out in production, achieving a good expression of the variety, despite the youth of the vines. 13º

Bell Lloc White 2013 Malvasia No more available

Good vintage for the Subirat Parent or Malvasia Riojana. We harvested good quality grapes. Fermentation controlled with own yeasts of the grape. Part of the wine was aged in barrels and the rest remained in the tank until the moment of the coupage. 13º

Bell Lloc Rosé 2013 No more available

Rosé wine made with Carignan, Mourvèdre, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. We seek a combination of varieties giving us an unusual, tasty rosé. Quite ripe, healthy grapes. 13º


We place our facilities at your disposal for holding all kinds of events. A family celebration, a get-together with old friends, a private concert…


Guided tours and wine tasting

If only for the spectacular sight of the architectural project, the winery is well worth a visit. But, in addition, we offer the incentive of enjoying a tasting session guided by our wine experts who will help you to appreciate the virtues and characteristics of our wines to the maximum. Any day of the week, always by prior reservation, with a minimum of 4 people.

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Our wines


Our olive oil

The olive trees on our estates are treated with products that are 100% organic, to prevent the 'mosqueta' or olive fruit fly (the main pest) for example. The Arbequina variety is grown on our Mas del Vent and Mas Salvà farms as well as the Argudell variety which is also found at Bell Lloc.

Olive oil


When opening a bottle of wine it is not hard to appreciate that its contents guard the essence of a territory.In the wine we recognize the character of each vine, modelled by the environment of Les Gavarres where the expert wine-growers place all their efforts in preserving the natural characteristics of the grapes.

Each variety of grape has been planted in the plot best suited for optimizing its characteristics. The red grapes come from Mas del Vent (Garnacha and Cariñena), La Fosca in Mas Salvà (Monastrell) and Bell-lloc (Cabernet Franc and Sauvingon).The white grapes also come from La Fosca (Xarel·lo and small-grained Muscatel) and from Mas Salvà (Malvasía).

Cultivation is eco-friendly, with maximum integration into the landscape and development is left unaltered and natural, which means the fruit is allowed to grow at its own pace.Follow-up of each plot is constant and thorough, the objective being to respect the growth guaranteeing minimum impact in its handling.


The grapes are subject to controls until they reach the height of maturity and their subsequent, natural evolution to become wine. Harvesting is manual, gathered in small boxes, with strict selection being carried out in the vineyards, which is followed by an even more thorough selection of each individual grape on the selection table.

Subjected solely to mechanical treatment (stalk removal, treading, pressing or cooling), reception of the grapes respects the character of each plot and variety. Likewise, the spontaneous fermentation and maturing processes respect and reflect the essence of each wine.

The structure of the shadows
On the boundary between the vineyard and the wood is where the wine cellar is to be found, underground.
The work, carried out by the architects studio, RCR Aranda Pigem Vilalta Arquitectes from Olot (Gerona), causes amazement for its audacity and for its perfect symbiosis with nature. The parallel sheets of steel on the surface that slope in different directions are an original way of producing a structured order while at the same time, giving strength to the whole ensemble.

Underground, a labyrinth of cool, dark, isolated passages with controlled temperatures stretch out. We enter the world of shadows.

Through the slits left between the sheets of steel and the earth and stones, the light filters through describing spaces, creating a pathway of subtle brightness.
There is silence, the scent of wine, one feels the power of the matter and when we taste the liquids, our five senses are at last stimulated.