We want to offer you all the authenticity of the region. We will want to open the doors of our house.




La Fosca is one of the great beaches of the Costa Brava. Located to the north of the town of Palamós, it is one of the most renowned, cleanest and quietest. In this magnificent spot, we have a 24-room guesthouse and a bar on the beach. We have opted for a Mediterranean and seasonal cuisine based on the products we produce ourselves such as wine, oil, cheese etc., and local products such as fish from the port of Palamós.

At La Fosca you’ll find an ideal place in which to enjoy the sea and the activities in the surrounding area, such as water sports, hiking and biking… In addition, the “Route of the Little Train” starts from the beach which allows you to explore the nature and landscape of the area along a 6 km stretch. Another thing to be noted is that La Fosca is one of the few beaches on the Costa Brava where you can surf so, if you’re looking for the best waves, we have something to offer you here.

La Fosca, divided by a single dark rock that splits the beach into two halves, is a place where the past, present and nature combine. Surrounded by green vineyards next to the sea, and the groves of elegant pines, inhabited by squirrels and various ornithological species, the archaeological remains of the castle of Sant Esteve crown the beach. The guesthouse in the central section of the promenade and a bar right on the beach, allows you to enjoy this environment of sunrises and relaxing evenings.


This Empordà farmstead is imbued with a philosophy rooted in the land, which takes advantage of recent advances to provide quality, without losing spirit and authenticity. Within the estate are the Bell-Lloc Hermitage and the Brugarol Winery and next to them, at the top of a hill, is the Vila-Romà castle.

We want to offer you all the authenticity of the region, and thus we provide a variety of accommodation such as the house among the vineyards (3 rooms), the Bell-lloc apartment (4 bedrooms) or the Mas Antoniet (5 rooms), but, above all, to open the doors of our house, to welcome you as a one of the family and to make you feel at home.Our six rooms at the Mas Bell•Lloc offer you a unique experience of feeling sheltered by the beauty of the forest, the Vila Romà Castle and the beginnings of the town of Palamós. To this wonderful setting, we add our wine cellar, an underground space integrated in the landscape where we hold wine tastings, company meetings and above all our much-appreciated Bell-lloc wine.

For a romantic, relaxing or gastronomic getaway. At Bell·Lloc we take care of all the details, we offer products that we grow and produce ourselves, such as cheese, oil, jams and honey as well as having our own farm. We produce our own natural soaps and are always willing to offer our customers what they are looking for or need. We organise meals for groups, celebrations, banquets etc., and we offer our spaces for business meetings, events, visits etc.

Mas del Vent

If you want to live the dream and spend a few days enjoying our wonderful surroundings, we now also offer the space for rent. This building, which was renovated by the prestigious RCR architects, is included in the Inventory of Heritage Architecture of Catalonia. The cloister was acquired in the 1950s by Hans Engelhorn. It is a work that has led to an intense intellectual debate about its authenticity. The estate includes sculptures by Medina-Campeny Xavier and Xavier Escribá.

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