We wish to offer our customers the satisfaction of eating well, at the same time as offering a gastronomy which is suited to our B, from Brugarol products, our brand and our hallmark of quality. B foods are produced less than 5 km from the beach under organic farming criteria, respecting the environment, free from chemical treatments and genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Market garden and farmyard


B is both our brand and our seal of quality


Cultivation and harvesting
The olive trees on our estates are treated with products that are 100% organic, to prevent the ‘mosqueta’ or olive fruit fly (the main pest) for example. The Arbequina variety is grown on our Mas del Vent and Mas Salvà farms as well as the Argudell variety which is also found at Bell Lloc. The time of the olive harvest is determined by the weather conditions for that year. In 2016, the olives were harvested between October and November. They are always harvested manually and are transferred to the workshop  to prevent their oxidation.

Once the olives reach our Bell Lloc farm workshop, they are immediately centrifuged at room temperature (cold), so as not to alter their aroma or flavour. Brugarol oil is only extracted from the first spin. The bottling is done in our own facilities and they are stored in a cool and dry place and, of course, exposure to natural light is avoided so as to keep the oil in optimum condition for consumption.

Oli Brugarol Picual

100% Picual Rendiment L/Kg: 11% Intense spicy flavor and a point. Green color. Distinction as the best extra virgin olive oil without PDO Girona 0,39º

Oli Brugarol Arbequina Argudell

90% Arbequina, 10% Argudell. Rendiment L/Kg: 11%. Fruity and smooth. Very aromatic. 0,31º

Honey, Cheese, Preserved Vegetables, Jams and Marmalades

We are enormously proud to have a professional shepherd who takes care of our animals, making the most of the natural resources of our lands. We take great care and put much effort into maintaining the natural environment in perfect condition, as only in this way can we obtain the fresh quality products we desire and wish to share with you.

In July and August we opened our store in La Fosca, just behind the inn where every day you will find fresh produce from our garden and yard as well as a selection of wines, oils, jams …

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