We wish to offer our customers the satisfaction of eating well, at the same time as offering a gastronomy which is suited to our B, from Brugarol products, our brand and our hallmark of quality. B foods are produced less than 5 km from the beach under organic farming criteria, respecting the environment, free from chemical treatments.



Restaurant La Fosca & Xiringuito Sansibar

We have opted for a Mediterranean and seasonal cuisine based on the products we produce ourselves

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Finca Bell Lloc

With a gastronomic offering that searches for the essence, Ángel, our chef offers you traditional menus of Catalan cuisine and entertaining menus to enjoy either in pairs or in groups. At Bell Lloc we make our own fresh produce from our vegetable garden and farmyard, where we keep chickens, sheep, goats and Iberico pigs fed mainly on acorns. Fresh fish from the port of Palamós is one of our star products.

Bell Lloc has outdoor spaces for holding banquets, group meals and celebrations. We offer sit-down breakfasts, lunch and dinner for groups of a minimum of 4 people. In the winery we also offer finger-food tasting menus with our own wines and oils.

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